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COVID-19 Resources

In March 2020, our world turned up-side-down with the advent of COVID-19 and the ensuing quarantine and shift for many to working and learning from home. The students, staff, and faculty at the Family Development Center were no different, and we know that many parents and children are struggling to find their "new normal". We love the kids we work with (pretty much all kids), so we'd like to help as much as we can. To that end, we've pulled together resources for young children, for their parents, for students, staff and faculty at UCCS, and for anyone just needing a little extra help. Feel free to browse through what we offer, and accept our best wishes as y'all make your way in this tumultuous time. 

Family Development Center

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The UCCS Family Development Center offers high quality, year-round education for children between 1- and 5-years-old, with summer programs for elementary students. We offer a number of programs, including preschool options, as well as early learning options.

Through play, our exemplary staff teaches children everything from empathy to cooperation and independence to imagination.

Beth Alessio
A FDC Parent
“As a parent, we really appreciate the FDC, and we chose it because of the safety that it provides…. The very nurturing environment, and their dedication to getting the kids ready for preschool, our child is excelling here. He’s loved every classroom, he loves coming here every single day.”
What our stakeholders are saying
Between our transition-level programs and our preschool-level options, our parents offer glowing reviews.